Villa Pantai
Candi Dasa Bali
Bali Luxury Villa
Luxury Private Villa

The Villa:

  • Accommodations
    Two luxurious air conditioned bedroom suites with their own stylish ensuites. Breathtaking views from the enormous balconies over the Indian Ocean.
  • Villa Staff
    The Villa has three full-time and several casual staff dedicated to ensuring you have that endulgent tropical Island holiday of a lifetime.
  • Length of Stay
    We recommend that 3 days is the minimum stay to fully appreciate all that the Villa has to offer.
  • Be Organized - Plan your holiday
    Plan your holiday to make the most of your time at the Villa and the wonderful adventures to be had in East Bali.
  • Meals & Dietary Requirements
    A Continental Brealkfast, Afternoon Tea and two bottles of spring water each are included in the tariff. All other meals, drinks and special dietary requirements are at extra charge at standard rates.
  • Amenities
    The Terrazzo flooring throughout the Villa is beautiful. The Terrace, Pool and Spa all enjoy a spectacular view over the Indian Ocean.
  • Contact Details
    You can easily contact us at Villa Pantai by telephone, mail or email.

Villa Pantai has two Luxurious Bedroom Suites of generous proportions. Both have their own stylish Ensuite Bathrooms and are air-conditioned for your comfort. They have breathtaking Balcony views of the Indian Ocean, Nusa Penida Island, the surrounding mountains and the private garden enclave at the Villa. The configuration of the Bedrooms is ideally suited to sleep two couples. Two small children can also be accommodated, if required. The downstairs Lounge is designed for total relaxation. It has large folding glass doors facing the sea, opening wide to the entertainment Terrace, Swimming pool and Jacuzzi spa. Adjacent to the Lounge is the formal Dining room with its beautiful mahogany table and seating for 6 guests. Immediately out from the Dining room is the outdoor Bale where the cool afternoon breezes can be found. The Entertainment Terrace also provides an informal dining area under the balcony for that relaxed barbeque lunch or dinner. Here you can find the sundecks to relax and soak up the sun by the Pool and Spa. Alternatively, relax under the two large Chumplung trees down near the water’s edge of the private white sand beach.

Villa Pantai Staff
Villa Pantai has three full-time staff members.

  • Gusti - Villa Manager
  • Gusalit - Housekeeper/Gardener
  • Komang - Housekeeper

A staff member lives on site in their own quarters and can be available 24/7 if required. For security reasons this will give you peace of mind when staying at Villa Pantai.

Length of Stay
A week at Villa Pantai is probably the minimum you will need. It generally takes most guests 3 or 4 days to un-wind. If it is your first time at the Villa, then it is recommended that two weeks is just right. But three weeks is even better. There are so many activities available in and around East Bali, that three weeks would just be enough time to take it all in.

Be Organized
Yes you’re in Bali for a holiday and to chill out. But you will find that if you don’t organize your day to some extent, then the days will fly by without you doing anything to remember. If you need some help organizing your day then speak with your Villa Manager, Gusti. He can make arrangements for all your daily activities for you. Be specific with what you want or need from your Villa Manager Gusti and every effort will be made to organize it for you.

A Continental Breakfast is included as part of your rate package. If you wish to have a cooked or alternative breakfast you should speak with your Villa Manager Gusti. He can arrange alternative meals for a small extra charge. For lunch and snacks we have a limited menu available featuring Western and Indonesian favourites. Prices are listed on the menu. For dinner, if you wish to dine-in, you need to speak with our Villa Manager Gusti in the morning regarding your request. Alternatively, Candi Dasa offers some fine restaurants for you to dine at. Ask our Villa Manager Gusti for his recommendations and to arrange transport if required.

Dietary Requirements
If you have some special dietary requirements. Your Villa Manager Gusti is happy to prepare delicious meals to your particular tastes or dietary requirements. He can also recommend cafés or restaurants that cater for people with such special requirements. Please make your request to our Villa Manager Gusti upon arrival at the Villa.

East Bali is known to have power black outs during times of heavy loads on the power grid. However, they do not occur very often but they do happen. Having a torch with you would be a good idea. There are also candles available from Gusti. When the power goes off, so too the water pump. The Villa has bore water and the pump will go off when there is a power failure. Also, we provide AC power adaptors for Australian appliances in each Suite. For other adaptors, please speak to our Villa Manager Gusti.

As mentioned, we use bore water at the Villa. It is not recommended that you drink the tap water. Although the water looks crystal clear, it is not safe to drink. There is always bottled water in the fridge at the bar and two bottles are provided in each Suite per person per day.

Terrazzo Flooring
The terrazzo flooring is beautiful, but deadly. With wet feet they are more slippery than an ice skating rink. Please take extreme care and make sure your feet are dry especially if you have just been in the pool or spa. Please keep your children under close supervision at all times to avoid any accidents. Terrazzo is a very porous stone surface and is highly sensitive to red wine and other acidic liquids. Please remove the wine or other liquids immediately.

Villa Pantai Guest Book
Please feel free to read and write your comments on your stay at Villa Pantai in our Guest Book. By doing so, you will alert our Villa Manager Gusti to any issues you had with his service levels or other issues. You can also communicate with future guests about your enjoyable holiday at Villa Pantai.

In every other hotel in Bali, a service charge of 10% or more is added to your bill as a tipping charge. This is then shared by the staff on a monthly basis. At Villa Pantai we don’t add a service charge on top of your accommodation bill. Therefore, we encourage you to leave a tip with our Villa Manager Gusti to share with the other staff. This should be in accordance with your level of satisfaction with the service they have provided you.

Contact Details
The Villa Pantai phone number is +62 (0) 3634 1784 and our Villa Managers Gusti’s mobile number is +62 852 3714 9658. The country code is the 62 and you will need to drop the first zero (0) when calling from overseas. If you are in Bali and using your mobile phone with international roaming, you will need to include the Plus sign (+) before the country code of 62. If your emailing the Villa you can contact us here.