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Local activities, customs and general information.

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Money and Conversion
Money - This can be an issue for some guests. The Indonesian currency is the Rupiah. There are some good reliable money changers in Candi Dasa and they cash all types of foreign currency. There is a small bank branch in Candi Dasa with an ATM for locals only. Don’t risk using it as it often doesn’t work.

All hotels accept credit cards. So if you eat out, you can charge it. The local currency, Rupiahs will be needed only for minor purchases or for small cafés and restaurants. You should only need USD$1,000 per week in cash for incidentals and minor purchases. This can be exchanged at the money changers as required. After all, it is almost impossible to spend this much money on such items. Major purchases, eg: stone carvings or artwork can be paid for by credit card.

Currency conversion can be confusing, but the easiest way to remember it is to remove the four zeros from the Rupiah amount. This changes it into USD dollars. Example Rp 50,000 becomes USD$5.00 (which is approximately AUD$7.00). Please don’t leave money lying around in the Villa. It is just too tempting for some people, particularly when they earn so very little money.

Each Suite at the Villa is equipped with an electronic safe. All valuables should be locked in the safe when not in use. Read the instructions on the inside wardrobe door before using the safe. If you require any assistance then speak with your Villa Manager Gusti.


Balinese Culture
Language - Most Balinese people speak some English, however please take time to ensure you are truly understood and be gracious if the Balinese get it wrong. It does happen. If in doubt, please ask again until you are satisfied with the answer. It can be rewarding to make some effort to speak Bahasa Indonesia, the national language of Indonesia. A good web site for beginners is “Bahasa Indonesia in 7 days.” This can be found here.

Respect for Local Customs
The Balinese people are deeply religious. Ceremonies are an integral part of daily life in Bali. When visiting local Hindu Temples please ensure you are appropriately attired. Always wear a sarong and scarf to cover your arms and legs when entering a local Hindu Temple. If you wish to know more about Hindu customs, then feel free to speak with your Villa Manager Gusti, he will explain it in more detail.

There are three temples on the grounds of Villa Pantai. Two are located in the front and rear gardens and the main temple for the staff is located in the private courtyard at the front of the Villa. This temple and courtyard are off-limits to all guests.

Balinese remove their shoes when they enter a house. Don’t feel that you need to follow suit. The floors are less slippery if you keep your shoes on.

Bali Belly
When you get Bali Belly, you wish you would die. But you won’t. It normally lasts for about 12 hours. The important thing to do is to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. If you need to consult a doctor then speak with your Villa Manager Gusti. He can recommend a good English speaking local doctor.

Bali Time
There is Western time and there is Bali time. In Bali everyone moves much, much slower than the normally stressed out Westerner. It may be difficult for some people to adjust to Bali time, but in time you will. After 2 or 3 days you will find your body clock slowly adjusting. You won’t be stressing out because you had Breakfast at 10am or Lunch at 3pm. It no longer matters. So, please be patient with the Balinese people as they are in Bali time. Time really doesn’t matter in Bali.

Balinese Culture  

Shopping and Tours
Shopping - Local shopping in Candi Dasa is limited to basic food items, cheap clothing, carvings and trinkets. The local Asri Store (Supermarket) has it all at fixed prices. For DVD’s and CD’s there is a DVD shop next to Artikas Restaurant. DVD’s are cheap and most are good to watch. However, you will get the occasional DVD that doesn’t work.

If you want to go shopping beyond the basics then a trip to Ubud is a good place to shop for a variety of clothing, artworks and jewellery. From budget items to upmarket brands. The local market to the designer label stores, Ubud has a great village atmosphere with a Western influence.

If you want to shop in Western style then a day trip to Kuta is a must. Discovery Mall has it all. It’s a one stop shopping extravaganza just like at home but so much cheaper. You can seriously burn your credit card at Centro or one of the many designer stores in the Mall. You should also try Mal Galleria on the By Pass Road behind Planet Hollywood at the big roundabout in Kuta, it has a good variety of designer shops and the Matahari Department store.

Bali Shopping  

Western Food
If you can’t live without real Tim Tams, Twisties, Vegemite or Cheddar Cheese then stop at Dijon in Kuta or Bali Deli in Seminyak, on your way through from the Airport to Candi Dasa. They have a full range of Western foods at moderate to expensive prices. You can also get McDonalds and KFC in Kuta and Sanur but they’re just not the same as the real thing at home. When in Candi Dasa, the closest to a Western style supermarket is Hardy’s in Amlapura, a 20 minute drive to the East of Candi Dasa.

Good inexpensive wine is a difficult commodity to find in Bali. The Villa does not sell wine, only beer. If you are a big wine drinker, it is recommended that you stop at Makro on the way through from the Airport. They have a limited selection of local, Australian and European wines at reasonable prices. ie approximately USD$15.00 per bottle. Makro takes cash, Amex or Diners only. Wine in local restaurants is very expensive in comparison. Beer and spirits are cheaper and more readily available in places like the supermarkets and general stores.

A word of warning
The local alcoholic rice drink “Arak” is an uncontrolled spirit. It has been known to cause severe medical problems for some people. It has an extremely high alcohol content. Therefore, drink “Arak” in moderation and with extreme caution.

Security and Safety
Police - When visiting Indonesia, you will need to register with the local police. There is no need for you to attend in person. Your Villa Manager Gusti will organize this for you. All that is needed is a registration form and a photocopy of the photo page of your passport and the Visa page. In addition, there is an unofficial registration fee of Rp 20,000 per person. The purpose of this registration is to keep a check on your whereabouts in Bali. Just in case of an emergency of major proportions. The police would know where to find you in order to safely evacuate you back to your home country.

Western Food  

Beaches and Surf
The beach in front of the Villa has recently been reconstructed, including new breakwaters to protect the beach from high seas. Generally, the beach is very safe to swim in and you can even surf. However, it is an unpatrolled beach. So please be very careful at all times when on the beach and in the water, particularly when you are in the care of children.

General Security
Although the Balinese people are very easy going by nature, it doesn’t mean that everyone is safe in Bali. Like all Western countries, Bali has its fair share of crime. So, wherever you are at the Villa, keep your valuables safe at all times. When outside the Villa don’t display an over abundance of wealth when in the markets or village shopping centres. There are many pickpockets out in the streets and there are street sellers who wish to take advantage of your kind nature.

When not in use, always lock your valuables away in your bedroom safe.

In Bali, doing drugs is a criminal offence. When you are caught you will go to jail. Possession and use of drugs is unacceptable at Villa Pantai.

Our staff are instructed to immediately report any evidence of such possession or use to the Police.

When you come to Bali there is always the call of the Coconut palms trees. But they grow coconuts, which often fall to the ground. For your own safety do not walk or sit under coconut trees. Always walk around them. For your safety, the coconut palms at the Villa are always pruned of their coconuts.

In Bali there are flies, mozzies, ants and an assortment of other bugs and insects. At the Villa we make all efforts to keep them under control. Fortunately, there aren’t too many, especially mozzies. You will find that you won’t need mosquito nets. If you are highly stressed by bugs, we suggest you bring your own Aeroguard or similar protection.

Bali Dogs
There are many stray dogs roaming the streets of Bali. Most of them are neglected and diseased scavengers. Do not attempt to pet or touch them. They are basically cowards, but for your own protection carry a large stick when walking and don’t be afraid to use it.

Finally, we hope all this information has not put you off your holiday to Bali. We are of the belief, that the more information you have, particularly on arrival at a new destination, the better informed you will be. While we can rave on about the dogs and the power outages, we cannot explain the spirituality, calmness, tranquility and beauty of Villa Pantai. It is truly a very special place for us and we hope you too will enjoy your holiday at the Villa as much as we do.

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